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Are you leaving your hard earned money on the table?

Understanding your tax obligations can seem like a never-ending journey of confusion and frustration, especially if you have to call into SARS for help. At TTF we aim to never have you feeling that way again!

Dear taxpayer,

Congrats on taking the first step to getting educated on how you complete your tax returns quickly and effectively!

You’ve already taken a bigger step forward than most people who simply prefer to remain in the dark and hand their taxes off to someone else like a bookkeeper or accountant.

But do 3rd parties always have your best interests at heart? Or do they sometimes just “push the paper” to get the job done?

They could be leaving a lot of your money on the table that you could be using to pay for your car installments or your childrens’ education.

It’s time for you to empower yourself, so you know what is happening with your finances and tax obligations and how to maximise your benefits.

23 years of working directly at SARS has taught me alot! And I have learnt the most effective tips and tricks that you can use to maximise your returns, and ensure you are meeting your obligations at the same time.

I want to help empower you with the knowledge you need in order to see the light and to start saving money and stressing less about your tax obligations.

The only question becomes; Are you ready to take charge?

Kind Regards;
Cecile Diedricks

Are You Ready to empower yourself?

We know that paying your taxes and ensuring you are doing them correctly can be a pain! We can help you take the power back and empower yourself with our simple interactive workshops and services.

We can help you or your business with the following:

Tailor made workshop courses

Short practical courses

Consultations and support

Inhouse training for employees

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