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Did you know that SARS plans to close down all of their branches by 2022? This means that all tax-related processes will have to be done online in the near future.

While eFiling and tax returns may seem like a daunting job at first, in time e-filing will make your life so much easier than waiting in queues at SARS!

Why You Should Register Your Company for eFiling

There are many reasons for you to register your company for eFiling and start doing your tax returns online, including:

The courses and services we offer are:

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Learn More About eFiling By Taking Our Short Tax Courses

If you want to prepare yourself to register your company for eFiling, and start doing all of your tax returns online, we highly recommend that you partake in one of our short tax courses on eFiling. In these courses we prepare with you everything you need to know about eFiling.

You don’t need to study tax at a university level to perform your own tax returns. Rather just do one of our short courses to gain the knowledge you need to confidently register your company for eFiling, and start doing your own returns.

Check out our eFiling courses for more information.

eFiling Experts in South Africa

At TTF Training Consultants, we consider ourselves eFiling experts in South Africa. Our courses have been curated by tax professionals, and we have helped many individuals with registering their companies for eFiling and transferring their tax return processes online. Our team members have many years of experience in the tax industry between them, and want to share their knowledge with the general public!

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