Understand your tax returns in just a few short hours by signing up for our never before seen eFiling short courses.

Understanding your tax can seem like a never-ending journey of confusion and frustration, thinking you’re getting somewhere but end up back at square one again and again. At TTF we aim to never have you feeling that way again. Try out our variety of easy to understand tax short courses, designed with you in mind!

How will it help me?

Understand your own returns today! Here we teach you the future of tax filing through our quick and understandable short courses

Tired of not being able to understand why you pay the amount of money you do to SARS? Wanting to get a better refund but not sure where to start?  At TTF we aim to empower you with the knowledge to complete your own returns. Our goal is to make completing your returns a stress free, easy process that allows you a high level of understanding of how your taxes work. You have the power to manage your own tax affairs today!

Our courses will help to:

Improve confidence & eliminate stress

Grow in the knowledge of your returns

Show which areas need work to improve

Manage your own tax returns

Where should I start?

Our quick and easy process, makes signing up for our courses hassle-free.

1. Think about which aspects of tax you find confusing. It could be eFiling, VAT, income tax or a range of these.

2. Read about what courses we have on offer and what areas they help you in.

3. Choose your best-suited courses.

4. Log a request indicating your nearest centre and preferred time of day.

5. Receive a notification email to register online for the course.

6. Register online, make payment and receive your ticket.

7. Attend the course on your chosen day.

8. With the knowledge gained, complete your returns!

Some Of Our Courses

With a variety of courses on offer, you can find the perfect course to suits your tax needs here.

Our courses have been made with you in mind. Each of our courses tackle different categories, depending on different tax specifications. Information gained from the course will be used to complete your specific returns so that you can leave us feeling confident that you can tackle your tax affairs with ease!

  1. New Registration and Navigation (Income Tax)
  2. New Registration and Navigation (VAT/PAYE)
  3. Complete return – Salary, RAF and Medical
  4. Complete return – Salary, RAF, Medical and Travel Allowance
  5. Complete return – Commission earner
  6. Complete return – Sole proprietor/Partnership (small business)
  7. Complete return – Employed outside SA
  8. Complete return – VAT
  9. Complete return – PAYE Monthly Return (EMP201)
  10. Complete return – PAYE Bi-annual Return (EMP501)
  11. Complete return – Provisional Tax
  12. Tax Clearance System
  1. Set up Employer, Employees and Navigation
  2. E@syFile – PAYE Bi-annual Return (EMP501)
  1. Basic Payroll and Employees Tax Provisions

Who will benefit from this?

Small and large businesses, and individuals!

Whether you are an individual or small business you can benefit largely from our short courses as they are specially designed to learn different aspects of your tax. Therefore, you can be a beginner, learning how to eFile or someone that is wanting to improve their tax refund and you will find a course for you! Our variety of courses cater to many aspects of tax.

Are you a business?

Give your business a solid foundation through our consultations, training and tailormade courses that aim to support your business.

Companies can also seek to benefit from TTF as we offer consultations whereby support is offered and queries are answered. Through our consultation service we will come in and help your company through a specific problem you may have.

Does your staff need training on eFiling? Just send us a request and we’ll contact you from there! We offer eFiling and other training services for your staff.

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