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It’s time to say goodbye to waiting in lines and handing over your tax returns to strangers to take care of. It’s time to empower yourself and learn how to register your business and use different functions on eFiling with one of TTF Training Consultant’s comprehensive online courses!

Why Register Your Business For EFiling?

We live in a digital era with more and more processes being done online. Online processes are often less time-consuming and cheaper, and this is true of eFiling. Standing in lines at SARS can take many hours, where you could do your eFiling online in a matter of minutes once you get the hang of it.

Another major contributing factor is the fact that all brick-and-mortar SARS offices plan to close by 2022, and then eFiling will be your only option. It’s best to prepare yourself and start now!

In addition to the above, registering your business for eFiling and handling your taxes yourself will help you gain important financial knowledge and a thorough understanding of your business’s finances

The courses and services we offer are:

register business for efiling
register business for efiling

Prepare Yourself For eFiling

You can’t be expected to know exactly how eFiling works from the get-go. While it is a fairly simple process, it will take some time to get the hang of it. With one of our training courses, you’ll be able to start your eFiling journey with the correct skills and background knowledge to ensure that you handle your eFiling correctly.

Don’t rely on someone else to handle your returns. Obtain eFiling knowledge yourself with one of our comprehensive online courses!

Why TTF Training Consultants?

TTF Training Consultants are one of the only companies to offer online courses that empower the average person to handle their tax returns by using eFiling. We are truly passionate about providing essential information, and helping small business owners empower themselves through our online courses.

Take control of your company’s taxes by partaking in a course that will give you the confidence to register your business for eFiling, and manage your taxes online.

register business for efiling

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