Finally! A New, Easy Way For You To Defeat Your eFiling Headaches & Empower Yourself Fast.

With SARS aiming to close their branch offices by 2022, you will need to know how to file your own returns online, now more than ever. We help you do just that!

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“Having worked for SARS for 22 years, we know your struggles and we want to help you!”

Save Yourself Weeks Of Costly Trial & Error By Trying TTF Training Consultants Short Tax Courses!

Try our tailor-made, short course for one afternoon, to help understand your tax rights and obligations.

Are you sick of always being stressed about your tax? Tired of fearing SARS? And looking for ways to complete your returns faster and smarter? At TTF consultants, we help you to understand your own tax returns. You will understand that the power to manage your tax affairs lies in your own hands.

You don’t want to have to study tax in order to complete your own returns. Rather you need a short course, over a single afternoon to explain the ins and outs of completing your own returns through eFiling.

What You Will Gain

Through our course, you will leave with a thorough understanding of your eFiling obligations.


Wide Variety of Tailor-Made Courses

Choose from our wide variety of courses that suit your exact needs. New to filing tax and confused by eFiling? There’s a course for you! Done your tax for years but employed outside of South Africa and unsure how this affects your tax affairs? We have a course for that too!


Face-to-face Sessions

Tired of sifting through pages and pages of technical jargon? Our courses happen face-to-face, allowing you to ask as many questions as you would like. Our face-to-face courses help you to have better clarity on the subject without having to read books of confusing tax definitions and instructions. We make it easy for anyone! Guaranteed!


Professional Advice Straight From SARS

Having worked for SARS for 22 years, as well as, developing ourselves through many different courses, allows us to give you a crucial first-hand look into exactly what SARS is looking for and useful tips to complete your returns quickly and effectively, without stepping on SARS’s toes.


Consulting Services

We offer online consulting services to companies who have challenges with SARS eFiling and e@syFile systems by way of troubleshooting advice and services. We will help you iron out the issues you are experiencing.


Quick and Professional Courses

Our courses run from 2-5 hours and usually take an afternoon to complete. The courses have been structured in such a way that you get the exact course content you are needing, so that you are not wasting hours of time on information you don’t need or already have.

Some Of Our Courses

With a variety of tax courses on offer, you can find the perfect course to suits your tax needs here.

Our courses have been made with you in mind. Each of our courses tackle different categories, depending on different tax specifications. Information gained from the course will be used to complete your specific returns so that you can leave us feeling confident that you can tackle your tax affairs with ease!

  1. New Registration and Navigation (Income Tax)
  2. New Registration and Navigation (VAT/PAYE)
  3. Complete return – Salary, RAF and Medical
  4. Complete return – Salary, RAF, Medical and Travel Allowance
  5. Complete return – Commission earner
  6. Complete return – Sole proprietor/Partnership (small business)
  7. Complete return – Employed outside SA
  8. Complete return – VAT
  9. Complete return – PAYE Monthly Return (EMP201)
  10. Complete return – PAYE Bi-annual Return (EMP501)
  11. Complete return – Provisional Tax
  12. Tax Clearance System
  1. Set up Employer, Employees and Navigation
  2. E@syFile – PAYE Bi-annual Return (EMP501)
  1. Basic Payroll and Employees Tax Provisions

What Our Tax Courses Touch On

Take a look at some of the important areas of information you will gain leaving our course.

Income Tax

Our courses will give you an understanding of how your salary is taxed monthly and why it is that sometimes you will receive large refunds while other times it’s quite small.


Our courses have been designed for small business who would like to have all their tax affairs managed through eFiling. This would include not only their personal income tax affairs but also those of VAT and Employees Tax.


You will look at the key definitions and requirements of VAT. You will also cover the reading and interpreting of both the notice received after an audit has been done and how to read your statement of account.


You will gain a firm understanding about how to adjust your Employee Tax Incentive (ETI), how to complete the returns and how the refund is eventually processed.

Provisional Tax

Here you will cover topics like how to avoid penalties and interest and how to request a waiver of the penalty should you happen to incur them. You will be able to complete your own Provisional Tax returns.


We cover the tax clearance system process in detail showing you how to maintain your compliance status as well as how to use the TCS functionality on eFiling.


We will take you through the set-up process from the downloading of the e@syFile file to just before submission of your reconciliation returns.


As a first-time registration applicant, you will learn how to register on eFiling and how to navigate through the different functions and pages on eFiling.